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Heavy Duty Truck Repair  Morris IL

The trucking industry is not only massive but also crucial to our economy. Over 10 billion tons of commodities are worth over $700 billion that are transported using trucks by some rough estimates. In many regards, keeping trucks on the road where they are working is vital for the economy of Morris, Illinois, and the entire United States.

For truck owners, however, the importance of keeping trucks working cannot be emphasized enough. Any downtime owing to breakdowns is costly and an assault to their bottom line. Downtime can cost a fleet an average of $448 – $760 per vehicle per day, which can add up quickly. Naturally, truck owners’ main priority should be keeping total vehicle downtime per breakdown event as low as possible. The profitability of the business depends on the vehicles working and transporting goods.

Unfortunately, unpredictability is part and parcel of break downs. Most break downs in the trucking industry are unforeseen and happen in the most inopportune time and place, causing costly downtimes. Mobile heavy-duty truck and semi-truck repair services help reduce the cost of downtime occasioned by breakdowns. These services also reduce the downtime occasioned by regular maintenance. The technicians come to your truck and maintain or repair it on the spot, reducing the downtime.

The Benefits Of Mobile Truck Repair

#1. You Avoid Costly Towing – Towing heavy-duty and semi-trucks is a daunting task. Such heavy equipment is difficult to move around when they do not move under their power. As such, towing a truck from the roadside to a repair shop or your business premises will cost a lot. Add the cost of the downtime, and the whole endeavor can be too costly.

Repairing the truck by the side of the road is a more cost-effective way of solving the issue. You do not incur towing charges, reducing the overall bill.

#2. It Is Faster – Towing the truck from the roadside to your business premises or a repair shop takes time, which can be put to better use by repairing the vehicle on the spot. Quality mobile repair services solve the issues where it happened, meaning it is faster and less time-consuming.

#3. You Avoid Sending Personnel To Drop Off And Pick Up Vehicle – We come to you, not the other way round. As such, you do not have to send personnel to drop off the truck at the repair shop and, later on, to pick up the track. By sending our technicians to your location, you save on mileage, fuel, and payroll, all of which bolster your bottom-line.

Why Choose J&A Fleet Maintenance

There are numerous benefits of mobile heavy-duty and semi-truck repair services. However, you can only accrue these benefits when you hire an experienced and professional mobile heavy-duty truck repair company to service your truck like J&A Fleet Maintenance.

As the premier mobile repair services provider in the city of Morris, we are entirely focused on providing customer-centric services that not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations. We do not repair and maintain your truck, only for it to break down after a few miles.

With diligence, care, and speed, we perform quality maintenance and repair works that completely solve the issues you face. You can get back on the road with confidence that your vehicle will perform as expected, keeping you and other road users safe. Some of the qualities to expect from us includes:

Honest And Trustworthy Personnel

The guiding stars in our enterprise are honesty and being trustworthy. Too often in our industry, we hear of a run-of-the-mill mobile heavy truck repair personnel called to assist a stranded trucker, only for the technicians to make things worse. In other cases, technicians are called for preventive maintenance, only to damage the vehicle. Whether it is by offering shoddy maintenance and repair services or any other form of dishonesty, the truck owner and/or driver always ends up with more problems than they initially had.

We operate with honesty. Our mobile heavy truck technicians are not only good at what they do but they also trustworthy. We do not use inferior quality parts and other inputs so that we can save a few dollars. Likewise, we will not trick/force you into taking up additional services that are not necessary to increase the service charge. We are renowned for our honesty and having trust-worthy personnel; we do not intend to let go of this part of our culture.

Well-Trained, Experienced, And Professional Team Of Service Providers

Our goal is to provide Morris truckers with the best quality mobile heavy-duty and semi-truck repair services possible. To actualize this goal, we hire well-trained, experienced, and professional personnel. Moreover, every technician we send out to the field is a certified mobile heavy-duty technician. As such, they are qualified to handle whatever repair service you need.

While the core competencies of our technicians are impeccable, they are also personate about their work. Working on trucks, whether it is repairing by the road or maintaining them at your premises, working on heavy-duty is our calling. We are eager to learn more and improve our skills, all for our customers’ benefit. Therefore, it is part of our culture for technicians to keep learning about mobile heavy-duty truck repair services and polishing their skills.

Crucially, when you request roadside assistance, our technicians draw from their vast knowledge and extensive experience to expedite the repairs while maintaining high standards.

Fair Pricing

Quality mobile truck and semi-trucks repair services should not cost an arm and leg. And as part of our customer-centric approach to service delivery, we ensure our pricing is fair for our customers. We do not want to add financial misery to a stressful situation of roadside break down on your way to making deliveries. Moreover, we consider ourselves your business partner and aim to help you do your business rather than impede you. To this end, our payment prices are fair.


As the age-old adage says, a good name is worth more than gold. We are a reputable mobile truck repair services provider and one of the best in Morris. Importantly, we are proud and protective of our reputation. You can rest assured we will go above and beyond to ensure the services you receive are in line with our impeccable reputation.

We Can Work On A Wide Variety of Truck Brands And Model

One of our most significant selling points is our ability to work on your truck regardless of its make and model. Every truck owner understands the costly nature of downtime. In the same light, truck owners will appreciate the importance of timely maintenance and repairs. One way of ensuring you receive timely roadside repairs is to hire truck service personnel with an intricate understanding of your truck and its systems.

The last thing you want is for a mobile truck repair technician to arrive at your location only to be told the technicians cannot service your truck. Unfortunately, this is a common and annoying occurrence.

At J&A Fleet Maintenance, we hire professionally trained and well-rounded service personnel. Moreover, we continually train our technicians to acquaint and equip them with the latest and greatest technologies and techniques in heavy-duty truck repairs. This approach has meant we are capable of working on a wide variety of trucks, including but not limited to:

– Ford
– Freightliner
– Dodge
– Cummins
– Mack Trucks
– Sterling Trucks
– Peterbilt
– Western Star
– Splinter
– Kenworth
– Volvo
– International
– GMC, and more

If your truck breaks down in Morris, IL, you can rely on us to get you back on the road and on your way.

We Offer The Full Range Of Mobile Truck Services

Aside from services and repairing a wide variety of trucks, our service personnel is also adept in dealing with a wide variety of truck issues. We can fix a wide variety of issues within reason. Some of the common problems we solve include:

– Truck maintenance services
– Lockouts
– Electronic diagnostics
– Battery jump starts 
– Battery services
– Brakes repair
– Suspension system repair
– AC and heating
– Transmission, clutch, and differential repairs
– Coolant hoses leak repairs
– Engine repairs
– Trailer door rehinge and repair
– Freeze ups 
– Starter repairs
– Refueling 
– Air lines leak repairs
– Water pump repairs 
– Tire change, repairs, and replacements
– Hydraulic system repairs
– Welding, and much more

While some problems require specialized equipment that is only available at the service shop, our mobile repair heavy-duty and semi-truck repair personnel will pull all stops to try and fix any issue you might be facing without the need for towing the vehicle.

If your truck breaks down on the side of the road in Morris, IL, and you’re stranded, give us a call, and our highly trained service personnel will get you back on track. Whether you need our mobile rescue and emergency services in the dead of night or want your fleet maintained at your business premises, we are always ready to meet your needs. You can count on us to get you back on the road. We are your go-to mobile heavy duty and semi truck repair services provider.

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